Ochre Chunky Cord Dress


Part of our NEW chunky corduroy range, this beautifully soft Robin Red dress comes with our signature 100% cotton jersey lining and matching knickers! It is the perfect winter choice for blustery outdoor adventures as well as cosy fireside days.

Our cord is largely made of cotton, with a small amount of essential stretch (elastane) which makes it super comfortable for children of all ages and also means our clothes can withstand whatever children throw at them! Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do which is why we have designed clothes that, thanks to adjustable straps, really do last a full year and can be passed down to siblings and friends. Their classic cut and beautiful fabrics mean they stand the test of time and trend!

Dresses are available in Old Rose Pink, Ochre and Bright Red, as well as Chunky Cord - Robin.

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