'Dotty For Dungarees', Mini Style Diary (July 2015)

Posted on July 30 2015

Dotty For Dungarees! 

We are doting on dungarees with the latest collection of dungaree dresses from Dotty Dungarees! Founded by Alice Goldsmith and Georgie Parr, the duo were inspired by their own children to design dungarees for those with adventurous spirits, who live multiple lives of fairy queens to jungle explorers! I quiz Alice on her childhood in dungarees and the inspirations behind the brand.  

From the outset Dotty Dungarees was inspired by our own children, Dolly and Otto. They form the name to the little characters that personify the brand.

We both grew up in dungarees – it was the 80’s and every photo I have of me is dungaree-clad! In fact me, my sister and brother were rarely out of dungarees. But, when we had our own children, we both struggled to find the perfect pair. So, we decided to make our own!  

We came up with a design that ticks all the boxes - they are super soft, brightly coloured, practical and have adjustable straps and turn-ups so they really do last. For the younger ages, they have zips instead of poppers for an even quicker nappy change.

Out of the collection our favourite dungarees would have to be the pink… Although, I am really excited about our new dungaree dresses that came out this summer in a range of different fabrics and colours. They are ADORABLE! 

It’s always tricky and guilt plays a massive factor when balancing motherhood and business! I try to work while Dolly is asleep which means snatching hours during her daily naps. But I think like all mothers who are starting up on their own, I end up working late every night to get things done. It is hard but so rewarding and despite all the late nights, I’d never get the best of both worlds if I still had a nine-to-five office job.

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