Mumpreneurs: Inspiring Stories (16 March 2015)

Posted on March 16 2015

In need of inspiration? Meet these motivated parents who caught the business bug and started their own unique ventures.

Dotty Dungarees was set up in October 2013 by two friends, Alice Rothschild and Georgina Parr. From the outset they were inspired by their children – Dolly and Otto. From the name right down to their little characters, they personify the Dotty Dungarees brand. And, of course, the dungarees are tried and tested by Dolly and Otto before going on sale!

Dotty Dungarees pride themselves on creating just one iconic piece: dungarees. So they know their stuff! Each pair is carefully designed to withstand raucous adventure – from crawling to climbing trees – and they fit both boys and girls, between ages 3 months to 5 years old. Both new mothers, Alice and Georgie soon realised that their children needed clothes that were practical and comfortable, but still fun; not to mention clothes that they wouldn’t grow out of in a month! And so they came up with the idea of adjustable dungarees that really did last a full year. With Dotty Dungarees, you can lengthen the shoulder straps and tweak the adorable dotty turn-ups, so that you don’t need to run out to the shops within a month to replace them.

As every mother knows, children are always looking for their next adventure. So, Dotty Dungarees are designed for just that: for exciting escapades and daring deeds, for remote jungle explorers and champion show-jumpers, hot air balloonists and fairy queens. They allow your child the freedom to explore whatever the weather and wherever they are.

Featured as Smallish Magazine’s Top Design Pick of the Month, Dotty Dungarees are set to become a staple for every little adventurer’s wardrobe.

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