Posted on January 27 2015

The Mummy Diaries



It’s been a while but I’m told my Mummy Diaries are missed so the plan for 2015 is a monthly round up. If you come across anything you think worth me sharing here  be it an article, new product, service, show, class, etc – do let me know at


1.This month we have celebrated the festival of Coco. My first baby has just turned four, which feels quite a turning point and we spent most of the week thinking, 'Help!' She is off to big school this year, and it is suddenly all getting quite grown up.
We celebrated with a Frozen­-style party  28 little people and countless iterations of Queen Elsa’s dress. Kelly Poppins came to sing 'Let It Go' and Princess Ana made an appearance, as did a mute Olaf who was definitely the star of the show. You name it we had it – Frozen helium balloons, party boxes, plates, tablecloths and a pretty impressive cake. Oh, Disney, how you are raking it in. 

2. We nixed the theme for chic paper party bags that came courtesy of a new company, The Jelly Rabbit. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for some that are ready­-done, not hideously expensive and look that bit nicer than the plastic versions. There are lots of other very sweet things too – including the most stylish party hats and balloons I’ve seen.

3. We featured it on SL the other day but in case anyone missed it I feel the need to mention Kiddie Cubes again – a business set up by a great nutritionist friend that has just launched on Ocado. Essentially frozen cubes of Fish Pie, Veggies & Lentils and Blueberry & Apricot Purée… You get the picture. You heat them up in a pan or microwave and voila, weaning made easy for time­-poor mothers. When said friend started out she used to batch cook, purée, freeze and deliver bags of her cubes to working mothers like me. It was a life saver. You can read more here

4. Dungarees were such a staple in the wardrobe of an '80s child, but you see them less and less these days. Well all that might be about to change thanks to Dotty Dungarees, a new business set up by two trendy mums offering traditional style dungarees in soft fabrics and bright colours. 
5. I know a fair few mothers who have had the old VBAC vs Elective Cesarian debate and it’s not a decision I would like to have to make. There are pros and cons, but I will say I have a couple of friends for whom the VBAC has gone incredibly well. I thought this article on MyBaba was interesting on the subject. 
On the subject of articles I always think that Marina Fogle always looks like such a lovely Mummy, and which mother didn’t feel incredibly sad when they heard that her third child had died towards the end of the pregnancy. Her article for the Telegraph brought tears to my eyes; how brave and brilliant of her to share her story. You can read it for yourself here
6. Finally, I was recently told about a new website – The Doctor & Daughter’s Guide to Pregnancy – that genuinely seems to be a hugely useful resource for pregnant women and new mothers - it offers weekly email updates, too.
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