Darling Dotty Dungarees, Babyccino Kids (30 May 2016)

Posted on May 30 2016

I love dungarees on little children. They are just so cute to look at, and so practical for crawling babies, trotting toddlers or climbing kids! They are easy to layer, making them ideal to wear all year round. The one clothing item I have continuously dressed my children in for the past 10 years, passing them on from sibling to sibling, has been dungarees.

Dotty Dungarees is a London based brand that solely focusses on dungarees: dungaree trousers, dungaree dresses, and dungaree shorts. So you can imagine they have really perfected the dungaree as such. First of all, I love the slightly wide cut. Very cute, both for boys and girls. I also like how the straps are adjustable for longer wear, and how the sweet turn-ups reveal the darling dots of the soft jersey lining. And for smaller sizes (up to 24 months), the legs open up for easy nappy changes with a zipper! So clever!

xxx Esther